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School Program

​Grades 4-12 are offered through the Tibetan Home of Hope.  The majority of our students attend the regular school program.  

Farming Program

​Tibetan Home of Hope is located in the Amdo Region among fields of wheat, barley, flax, mustard, and grazing livestock. Children participate in caring for our cows, pigs, chickens and bees. Our sheep and goats that graze in nearby pastures offer a rich supply of wools for retail sales and for the Artisan Program. Three organic greenhouses supply the staff and children with vegetables well into the Fall, while our orchard of fruit trees offers an abundance of apricots, apples, plums, and pears.



​The nearest hospital to the village is in Xining, a two-hour drive from JianZha. Many people living outside cities do not have the resources to receive proper medical care. A local clinic, serving the THoH community, the village of JianZha, and outlying areas, will greatly enhance the lives and wellbeing of a broad population.



​With the property located directly across from the busy local high school (that many of our children attend), plans include a coal burning pizza oven, bakery & cafe. Most ingredients will be organically grown in the greenhouses at Tibetan Home of Hope. The Cafe-Bakery will also include a shop for goods from the THoH Artisan Program and from local artist-craftsmen.

Artisan Program


​Traditionally, the making of handicrafts was integral to the Tibetan lifestyle. This includes Thangka painting, jewelry, carved & painted wooden boxes and screens, furniture, and woven carpets and textiles. Master craftsman and artists will live in residence at Tibetan Home of Hope, working and teaching in studios of the various disciplines.

Local Community Center

​A Community Center will offer local JianZha residents and the THoH community a center to hold performances, celebrations and concerts. Open to local and nearby schools, this community center will offer a nonsectarian space to share cultural events.

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